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Software constitutes the main backbone of security and defense. Physical military force protects the country's defense with weapons, but physical protection is a secondary protection factor in the country's security protection umbrella. National security is ensured under system security engineering and with other systems integrated and connected to this security. Hundreds of different elements such as intelligence / communication between military elements / dispatch and management of all military elements are directed and protected by software for the security of countries.

• As the main element of defence, military and public security must be integrated into constant changes.
Defensive software is offered with solutions and software systems as a system integrator.
• Software and control systems in the fields of process management, corporate central control and management software, resource planning software, transportation control and information software, web portals, operating system internal control and audits, strategic planning and operating systems.
• Our expert staff, experience and project management


• Advanced Software and Application Development - JAVA, Node, JS, C++, C, C# and web technologies
• Interdisciplinary product and solution development (EE – Software – Machinery)
• System installation (Hardware and network)
• Database applications (Oracle, MongoDB, xSQL, postgresql)
• Project management and software development processes in IEEE and CMMI standards
• Application installation and consultancy (process management and business analysis)


GIS Based Information Systems

• Passenger Information Screens Software
• Enterprise Screen Management Software
• Business Intelligence
• Process Management Software
• Information Management System
• Security Management Systems
• Digital Archive Systems
• Web and Mobile Technology Solutions
• Information Security Solutions
• Purchasing and Asset Management
• Internal Control Software
• Strategic Planning Software
• License Tracking Software
• Customer Tracking and Appointment System
• Personnel Tracking and HR Management Software
• Document Management System
• Vehicle Counting and License Plate Recognition
• Door Access Systems Management Software
• Big Data Solutions

• Server Solutions
• Data Storage Solutions
• Server Virtualization Solutions
• Data Storage Virtualization
• Private Cloud Solutions
• System Automation Solutions
Image • Data Center Solutions
• Supercomputer Solutions (HPC)
• IT Security Solutions
• Virtualization Solutions
• Disaster Recovery Solutions
Image • Project and Consultancy
• Installation Services
• Big Data Solutions
• Maintenance and Renewal Services
• Outsourcing